Women-an epitome of strength, sacrifice and wisdom, capable of doing anything and everything bigger and better than the opposite sex. The question arises; is there anything that women can’t do without men. An independent woman will spontaneously answer ‘No, there isn’t anything we can’t do without men.’ Is this really true? Be loyal to yourself, ponder, think deep and answer, then the response will be different. Yes there is one thing that women cannot do without men and that’s making babies. What a woman can do in a situation when her man doesn’t want a child….How helpless a man can make the woman feel by simply denying to her legitimate demand..!!
This is the story of Sara, who is an independent woman, doing well in life in all arenas. She has a loving daughter, a caring husband and a beautiful life. To the existing scenario she wants to bring in another life for which her husband doesn’t agree. An independent woman who can handle her life by herself feels helpless to the demand made by her daughter of having a sibling. Her loyalty towards her husband doesn’t even allow her to be unfaithful so what choice is she left with….Nothing at all…!! The only option she has is to succumb to her husband’s decision. What if that makes her and her child unhappy, atleast the man of the house is content. This is the irony of a loyal woman. Sara fights a battle everyday by ‘wanting the unwanted’ and loses it time and again.
Dear men, do not let the woman in your life feel so miserable and helpless. Respect her loyalty, her desire and her dignity…!!
Taking things in her stride Sara convinces herself and her daughter with the shortcomings of having another child in the house. She does this to give solace to her beloved daughter whose only wish to be fulfilled is to have a sibling. Her heart cries everytime she lies to her daughter convincing the latter about how life is better like this. She dies a thousand death…!!!

A note to men-
Do not deny your wife something just because you have no desire for it. Rather just fulfill that one simple wish and see how beautifully life hugs you a million times. Accept the unwanted with grace and make it desirable.



Author: authorsimran

Life is beautiful.... Live it up....!!!

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