Like never before..!!

You talk to me with words
I look at you with feelings
In belief that a day will come
When you’ll be the reason
For all my healings
Will dance in the rain
Like never before
Will mend each other’s wounds
Sitting on that shore
A day will come for sure
When we’ll have time for each other
Will sit and talk once again
Like never before
But will we be too old
And will we still have stories untold
And yet some chapters to unfold
Why wait for that day
Spend that time now anyway
As the old saying says
Having the will and finding your way
You’ll always be my friend
More than anything else
I’ll always stand by you
No matter what comes in our way
‘Coz have loved you like crazy
And I’m always here to stay
Don’t know how you feel about me
But that’s the way I’m
Will leave no stone unturned
To express my feelings
And will always be fair in all my dealings
You’ve fulfilled all my dreams
You’ve catered to all my desires
Wish it was this way
But I love you anyway
Hope the day comes soon
With only you n me beside
Leaving this world aside
Sitting on that shore
Like never before….
Like never before….!!




Author: authorsimran

Life is beautiful.... Live it up....!!!

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