Empty World..!!

This world is empty beyond words
Full of selfishness and nerds
I cannot find a shoulder to cry
No one to confide,no one to rely

We come alone, we go alone
Realise this truth and never mourn
People come, people go
They sting and fly before you know

Find that happiness within
Look for your hidden charm and grin
Being happy is just a state of mind
That can be attained by being kind

Vital is to give oneself solace
Find peace within and curb that race
You are no ones and no one is yours
The sooner you realise this, your wounds get cured

This empty world will take away all your charm
Will leave you shattered and do all harm
Don’t become a victim and give yourself away
Keep up your zest and find your way..!!



Author: authorsimran

Life is beautiful.... Live it up....!!!

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