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For my son…

When your son gets detatched And you go through that rough patch..

Its the worst thing ever But you thought you were clever By being friends with him he’ll stay forever…

How wrong I was; how insane Couldn’t see the storm in this heavy rain….

Was told by few don’t get so attached The day he won’t need you, nothing will match…

Such is life I knew but one gets taken aback when it happens to you….

I miss him so much I swear Will always love him, will always care…

He doesn’t want your touch, he doesn’t want that hug Without which once his life sucked….

If that’s how its going to be don’t know how I’ll survive Want to spend that time again, with him I want another life…

With him I want another life…!!


Women-an epitome of strength, sacrifice and wisdom, capable of doing anything and everything bigger and better than the opposite sex. The question arises; is there anything that women can’t do without men. An independent woman will spontaneously answer ‘No, there isn’t anything we can’t do without men.’ Is this really true? Be loyal to yourself, ponder, think deep and answer, then the response will be different. Yes there is one thing that women cannot do without men and that’s making babies. What a woman can do in a situation when her man doesn’t want a child….How helpless a man can make the woman feel by simply denying to her legitimate demand..!!
This is the story of Sara, who is an independent woman, doing well in life in all arenas. She has a loving daughter, a caring husband and a beautiful life. To the existing scenario she wants to bring in another life for which her husband doesn’t agree. An independent woman who can handle her life by herself feels helpless to the demand made by her daughter of having a sibling. Her loyalty towards her husband doesn’t even allow her to be unfaithful so what choice is she left with….Nothing at all…!! The only option she has is to succumb to her husband’s decision. What if that makes her and her child unhappy, atleast the man of the house is content. This is the irony of a loyal woman. Sara fights a battle everyday by ‘wanting the unwanted’ and loses it time and again.
Dear men, do not let the woman in your life feel so miserable and helpless. Respect her loyalty, her desire and her dignity…!!
Taking things in her stride Sara convinces herself and her daughter with the shortcomings of having another child in the house. She does this to give solace to her beloved daughter whose only wish to be fulfilled is to have a sibling. Her heart cries everytime she lies to her daughter convincing the latter about how life is better like this. She dies a thousand death…!!!

A note to men-
Do not deny your wife something just because you have no desire for it. Rather just fulfill that one simple wish and see how beautifully life hugs you a million times. Accept the unwanted with grace and make it desirable.



Met a friend yesterday
Who is special to me in her own way
We’ve spent the best of times
Did some good deeds and commited few crimes

It’s always special to remember the good old days
Dancing in the rain and spending time under the sun’s rays
Those were the moments when we had nothing to fret
Taking life as it comes without any regret

Special are the friendships which grow stronger with time
Some are sweet and some are mixed with a dash of lime
But school friends are special always
‘Coz they will stand by you in your rainy days

They know you in and out
With no pretence or any doubt
We feel so relaxed in each other’s company
Standing by each other as the need be

Lots of love to all my friends
Feel blessed to have you in my life…!!



Relationships die a natural death
People use you for their benefit
Once they are done they go away
Leaving the person behind like a stray

They pretend to be the best
Fill your life with happiness and zest
But who knows all this is for a short while
And the person you once loved wouldn’t be there for another mile

But friends life does come a full circle
This they realise as they suffer
As by that time everything comes out of cover
And they’re left behind with neither a friend nor a lover

Feel sad for people like these
They are left with nothing who were once at ease
Start respecting the people who love you
As love is the only thing pious and true…..!!!


Like never before..!!

You talk to me with words
I look at you with feelings
In belief that a day will come
When you’ll be the reason
For all my healings
Will dance in the rain
Like never before
Will mend each other’s wounds
Sitting on that shore
A day will come for sure
When we’ll have time for each other
Will sit and talk once again
Like never before
But will we be too old
And will we still have stories untold
And yet some chapters to unfold
Why wait for that day
Spend that time now anyway
As the old saying says
Having the will and finding your way
You’ll always be my friend
More than anything else
I’ll always stand by you
No matter what comes in our way
‘Coz have loved you like crazy
And I’m always here to stay
Don’t know how you feel about me
But that’s the way I’m
Will leave no stone unturned
To express my feelings
And will always be fair in all my dealings
You’ve fulfilled all my dreams
You’ve catered to all my desires
Wish it was this way
But I love you anyway
Hope the day comes soon
With only you n me beside
Leaving this world aside
Sitting on that shore
Like never before….
Like never before….!!



Make up when you wake up…!!!

Life is too short to be stressed
Make the most of it and always feel blessed
Start your day with a grin
That’s the only way you win
And don’t forget to make up as soon as you wake up
Fought a day before…forget that
Yelled at one another…forget that
Start a new day with a smile
As we are in this world only for a while
Let the negativity not creep in
Let you not feel lonely
As God is there for sure
He has magic powers to cure
Don’t depend your happiness on someone
God sends you alone and not with anyone
He teaches you to stand up on your feet
With expectations as less as one could get winter heat
But never forget to make up as soon as you wake up
As life is too short to fight
Do good to each other before we go out of sight…!!!


Love begets love…!!!

Love is in abundance for everyone to share
But some people still believe to beat, fight and scare
Why so much hatred in everyone’s heart
When there is love then why people part
Love gives freedom, love gives you wings
It’s a beautiful song that every heart sings
Loves makes you cry and it makes you smile
It makes you hysterical for a while
Spread love everywhere and get some in return
If everyone follows this then no heart will burn
It’s a two way street to walk hand in hand
The best way is to space out a bit and understand
Love everyone and everything
And carve your niche in golden ink